What is the Birmabright Brotherhood?

For those of you not familiar with the Brotherhood, started in 1996, it is a list of Land Rover owners that are willing and able to help fellow Land Rover owners in the event of a breakdown or other emergency while traveling far from home.

We are not prejudice with our Brothers; we accept all makes and models of Land Rovers.

What it is not, however, is a bulletin board, message board, classified ad space or chat room...There are lots of other places for that sort of thing. What it is, simply and profoundly, is a list of members that are willing to help fellow members in their time of need.

We have tried to make this your one stop go to shop for all your Land Rover traveling needs.

Rules and Etiquette of the Birmabright Brotherhood

This is a listing of fellow Land Rover owners who have offered assistance to those owners waylayed by the Rover Gods of Misfortune....translation, stranded far from home because their beloved lump of Birmabright is not being cooperative.

In order for this list to function more efficiently, A few rules of etiquette are proposed to be used when asking for assistance from a fellow BB member. This will hopefully help to reduce the instances of people getting "taken".

  • This list is for the use of the list members only. In order to ask for help from someone on the list, you must be on the list as well. Naturally, if you are traveling with or come across someone in need of help who is not on the list, you may go to the list for help. You must remember, however, that as the recommending' list member, you are partially responsible for the actions of that person.
  • This list is not for commercial purposes. This doesn't mean that you can't put your business on the list, though. It means that the list is not to be used for commercial mailings or announcements. In addition, if you are affiliated with a car oriented business, please note it on your listing.
  • Aid to a list member is completely voluntary. No one is required to help another list member, although they probably always will.
  • Beyond the bare necessities of aid, don't ask for things that you know are a hardship for someone. If they can afford to offer it, they will do so.
  • Pay, or at least offer to pay, for any part or service you use. By the same token, we've all been stranded because of a problem with our Rovers, so we're not going to gouge each other, right?
  • A thank you note, either on the 'net or by snail mail is always nice.
  • Information on the intranet is as you have posted it Please check your entry for errors/omissions.Keep the list up to date. If you find you are unable to correct something contact an administrator using the contact form.
  • Please protect the integrity of this list. Keep it for your own benefit. Don't forward it to non members.
  • The list administrators reserve the right to exclude and/or delete members without reason or explanation.

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